The Moscow Method

The world is awash with speakers; employed, self employed and under-employed. Many claiming to be experts, some compelled to tell their story to help others to experience their journey and learn from their lessons, most keen to pass on their wisdom, pain and success. I have sat through months of brilliant and poor speakers, that is a lot of my life.

There is something in the power of being given the opportunity to speak, and that is the responsibility we all have in that moment to respect the attention we are receiving.  If time is one of our limited resources, then when given time, and sometimes the time of 100’s of people all at the same time, we must honour that gift and deliver something of true value to the audience.

I don’t think many people get that. They either want to massage their own ego, sell you something, or do it for money. This is the failing of the industry of speaking and the failure of the speakers, and this really upsets me.

Being paid to give value to an audience and earning the right to win some business, now that is different, and that deserve an applause and a reward. To achieve this, to have the skills and confidence to deliver the right value, in the right way, with the right message, that is the dream, like most dreams, they cannot become reality unless we invest in making them happen.

It starts with mindset, empathy toward the other person, and your intention and leads all the way through to delivery and planning. Dexter is the man to teach this and I am delighted that his words are now shared for others to learn from

I wish all speakers the most fantastic experience, this is one of the highest privileges I am ever given, I hope you believe that too and honour it every time with everyone.

Penny Power OBE Public Speaker and CEO The Business Cafe

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